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Welcome to Palo Verde Hospital

Palo Verde Hospital, is a fully accredited 51 bed acute care District Hospital that is dedicated to providing inpatient and outpatient services to Palo Verde Valley and the surrounding communities. Our ultimate goal is to reach out to, and serve the community through the provision of accessible and quality health care services. We want to be recognized as a premier provider delivering safe and effective care that is achieved through values that reflect purpose, engagement, passion, pride and continual improvement in organizational performance. Additionally, we want to demonstrate a consistent leadership role in the community through programs that promote wellness and prevention.

A Message from the CEO

Our Patients and the community are at the heart of everything we do. As we evaluate the feasibility of new programs and services, we know that our partnership with patients and the community is important. We want to enhance the quality of life for our patients and other customers by achieving growth, customer and employee satisfaction, safety, and quality. We are striving to consistently be the health care provider where patients want to receive health care, physicians want to practice , and employees want to work.

Over the past two years, the organization and staff have achieved many successes:

  • Hospital accreditation was obtained through Det Norske Veritas [DNV], an accrediting body approved through the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services [CMS]. On July 1, 2014, hospital accreditation was awarded for three [3] years. The purpose of accreditation is to validate the hospital's compliance beyond those regulations required by federal standards. The hospital also meets state requirements for licensing.
  • A hospital-based clinic opened in November of 2014. The clinic is providing much needed medical services to persons of all ages based on their ability to pay. The Clinic is coordinated by a qualified Nurse Practitioner under the direction of Dr. A. Paglinawan. Our hospital-based clinic is licensed through the California Department of Public Health and meets required standards. We are currently awaiting formal designation from the federal government as a rural clinic, having submitted the required application during 2015. Designation as a rural clinic will provide access to funds that will allow us to better meet the needs of the indigent population.
  • An upgrade of the electronic medical record system is currently in progress. The end result will be a fully integrated electronic medical record that "connects care" for the provision of medical and diagnostic services. The change from our current system will allow us to integrate health care records from the emergency room to inpatient services, the clinic to the emergency room, and the hospital, clinic and emergency room to the patient's primary care provider. Besides the improvement in clinical care coordination, the system will help improve our billing system, inventory system, charge system, and our payroll system. the new electronic health system will accelerate the progress of the hospital at a "fast-forward" pace.
  • A new CT scanner will be installed during 2016 after all requirements for installation have been met. The 128 slice CT scanner is a significant upgrade from the current 16 slice scanner. The CT equipment will be installed in the radiology department, increasing safety and convenience for our patients, by eliminating the need for using a mobile trailer for performing procedures. State of the art services will be provided to patients on a inpatient and outpatient basis with test results provided to primary health care providers and specialists inside and outside the community.
  • Federal grant dollars were recently awarded to the facility from the federal government to implement a program for the provision of health and nutrition education to our school-age children. The program, which is designed to prevent obesity and reduce the incidence of diabetes in children, will be implemented over a three year period.  Some of the target goals for the children and families include:
    • Improve nutrition and activity.
    • Increase access to health programs and services.
    • Reduce medical conditions associated with obesity and diabetes.
  • The purchase of needed equipment has been feasible because of the ongoing efforts by administrative, managerial and hospital personnel to improve the economic status of the hospital. The facility has been able to upgrade special equipment for laboratory, cardiopulmonary, and surgical services. Equipment purchases include chemistry analyzers, a blood gas machine, and a special camera used by physicians when performing endoscopic and surgical procedures. In addition, general repairs have been initiated for improving air conditioning, plumbing, and the general appearance of the facility.
  • Urologic Procedures are currently being offered through a Board Certified Urologist, Dr. Lyle Griffith. Dr. Griffith spends time in Blythe each month to provide consultation and to perform select invasive and surgical procedures for the community.
  • A Telepsyche program has recently been implemented in the Emergency Department. The program has provided added value for patients who are in need of psychiatric evaluation on an acute basis. The program allows patients and physicians remote access to qualified and trained psychiatrists. After evaluation by the psychiatrist, recommendations are made to emergency room physicians on how to better manage the patient. Patients are subsequently transferred to psychiatric facilities and/ or are released, as applicable.
As the CEO of Palo Verde Hospital, I have the privilege of working with a Board of Directors that has demonstrated constancy of purpose in improving the health care needs of the community and the overall sustainability of the organization. Additionally, our physicians have demonstrated a commitment to working with the Board and members of the administrative and managerial team on behalf of our patients, the staff, and the community. As the fourth largest employer in Blythe, we are dedicated to meeting and promoting staff needs while encouraging ongoing growth, development, and succession.

Sandra J. Anaya MSHA, BSN, RN, CPQH
Chief Executive Officer